Imogene Pass



The Trail:

A scenic trail with lots of old mining sites that leads to a 13,000+ foot lookout at the top.




Date: 7/7/2010

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


At the start of the trail we saw a bridge can't possible be safe, so we took to the water. :)

Coming back around the other side:

There were lots of flowers out:

Looking back across at the mountains:

A view of the workings from the other side:

You can see a vehicle on the road we were on:

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Moving along:

A double waterfall:

Coming up on one of the few obstacles:

Through more water:

Looking at the water as we pass through:

More falls:

Looks like a "fixer upper" to me:

Another place to investigate:

Don't those light ever turn off?:

Another building behind the Jeeps:

Must have been fun mining here:

Looks like its time to investigate the waterfall:

Nice falls:

Flowing back toward the Jeeps:

Some people drive across the flat area - we did notice a cross with a name here:

The mountains in the background:

Back on the road again:

More flowers:

Mine tailings up above the falls we just visited:

More flowers:

It's starting to rain and we're reaching the timber line:

We'll be heading up there somewhere:

Looking back while climbing above the trees:

The last patch of trees and a local:

The trees may be gone, but the flowers aren't:

A tour truck from Telluride passed us and is heading down hill to Ouray - they all had blankets to keep warm:

Still heading up hill:

Our next stop:

Had to get a shot of the Jeep:

Still flowers up here:

Some more:

Getting set for a group shot - yeah it's colder up here:

Oh yeah, the view - looking back from where we came:

Cold up here too - why did I leave the warm coat back at the camp?

A view of the peaks up here:

There a mine up that twisty road:

More flowers up here:


Hey, who's throwing snow balls?

Time to get back in the Jeep and continue heading up the hill:

Still a lot of snow for July:

The plowed the road open in June: