LoD Signature Series Shorty Front Bumper


The Mod:

Time to upgrade the stock plastic front bumper to a LoD Shorty bumper with the optional skid plate.

What it does:

Supports a winch, since it's metal you can use a Hi-Lift Jack, since its a shorty it provides better access rock faces with the tires, and it allows the stock fog lights to be re-mounted.


The bumper arrived in a crate with some minor rubbing of the paint on the two pointy edges of the bumper (because it was shipped on end):


Measurements before install: Ground to bottom edge before curve inward on plastic fenders - Front 36.0", Rear 36.5"; Ground to bottom edge of Rock Rails - Front 17.125", Rear 18.125"; Grill to front of Bumper Stop - 11.25"; Ground to bottom edge of Bump Stop - 18.75"; Ground to bottom of Air Dam - 12.5".

Measurements after install: Ground to bottom edge before curve inward on plastic fenders - Front 35.25", Rear 36.5"; Ground to bottom edge of Rock Rails - Front 16.375", Rear 17.875"; Grill to front of Bumper - 13.0"; Ground to bottom edge of Bumper - 18.0"; Ground to bottom of Skid Plate - 14.75".

Front view with old bumper:

Another front view:

Side view:

The bumper and Orlistat pills for sale were installed at the same time, so the grill has already bee removed to make the installation of the winch easier. To install the bumper the old bumper must be removed. First the Air Dam must be removed. First, remove the 4 pin fasteners at the front edge of the Air Dam:

If you are lucky they will come out cleanly:

If not you will have to persuade them to come out (they will not be needed with the new bumper):

Next, there are 2 more push pin fasteners that are behind the Air Dam that must be removed:

Remove the Air Dam. It is not used with the new bumper:

Remove the two push pins from the Dust Cover (sits behind the bumper):

Slide the Dust Cover to each side to remove the 4 points where the wiring harness is attached to the bumper:

Slide the Dust Cover to each side to remove the connectors from the Fog Lights:

Remove the 8 bolts that attach the bumper to the frame:

Remove the bumper. It will not be needed with the new bumper:

Another view:

Now to install the new bumper. Remove the 2 points where the wiring harness connects with the frame:

Get the winch plate and hold it in place while holding it with the nuts welded to a plate and bolts. Note that the flat edge of the nut and plate should be toward the bolt:

Just finder tighten the bolts:

Winch plate installed finger tight:

Insert the 4 spacers between the winch plate and the bumper:

and hold them in place with 8 long bolts:

All bolts sitting in the holes:

Lift the bumper into place and finger tighten the 8 bolts:

Install the 2 nuts and bolts that connect the bumper to the winch plate:

Tighten until the bumper and winch plate just touch:

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